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Casey Ayer, MS, BCBA


What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis  is based on the science of learning and behavior. This science includes understanding about how behavior works and how learning takes place. ABA therapy applies this knowledge and science in a way that helps to increase useful or desired behaviors that have to do with learning and functioning more independently. ABA also works to help reduce behaviors that may pose a barrier to learning or be dangerous. ABA therapy is used to increase meaninful behaviors.

ABA is considered an evidence-based “best” practice treatment by the US Surgeon General and by the American Psychological Association. “Evidence based” means that ABA has passed scientific tests of its usefulness, quality, and effectiveness.

What funding is in place for ABA?

There are many different insurance companies that may cover ABA. I am currently credentialed with Tricare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Georgia Medicaid.

How do I get started?

Fill out an intake form and I'll get in touch with you.